Tire Changer Parts Breakdown For TC 28 Tire Changer TC 950
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Tire Changer Parts Breakdown For TC 28 Tire Changer TC 950

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Item #Item Type
1-TC-950-101 Body
2-TC-950-133 Pedal Cover
3-TC-530-9142 Flat Washer, #6
4-TC-530-9160 Bolt, M6 x 16
5-TC-950-122 Tool Tray
6-TC-530-9139 Rubber Block
7-TC-660-9325 Bead Breaker Support Pad
9-TC-530-9317 Bolt, M8 x 20
10-TC-530-9144 Lube Bucket Bracket
11-TC-530-9145 Lube Bucket
11.1-TC-530-9147 Lube Bucket Lid
11.2-TC-530-9146 Brush
12-TC-530-9920 Electrical Bulkhead Fitting
13-TC-530-9158 Power Cable
15-TC-950-503 Bead Breaker Arm
16-TC-530-9234 Bushing
17-TC-530-9226 Rubber Stop
18-TC-530-9231 Bolt, M16 x 100
20-TC-530-9229 Locknut, M16
21-TC-950-510 Spring
22-TC-530-9223 Bead Breaker Blade
23-TC-530-9250 Flat Washer, #14
24-TC-530-9227 Thrust Washer
25-TC-530-9228 Locknut, M14
26-TC-530-9224 Handle Cover
27-TC-530-9140 Tire Bar
28-TC-950-131 Side Panel
29-TC-530-9153 Air Regulator Assembly
33-TC-530-9157 T-Fitting
35-TC-530-9243 Elbow Fitting, 8 mm x 1/4 Female
36-TC-530-9151 Elbow Fitting, 8 mm x 1/4
37-TC-530-9908 Air Regulatory Bracket
38-TC-530-9155 Screw, M5 x 12
39-TC-530-9048 Straight Fitting, 8mm x 1/4
40-TC-530-9152 Elbow Fitting, 8mm x 1/4 Female
41-TC-950-9916 Cover, Bead Breaker Blade
44-TC-530-9346 Valve Body Assembly
45-TC-530-9346 N/A;Order 44-TC-530-9346
46-TC-530-9113 Elbow fitting, 12mm x 3/8
47-TC-530-9151 Elbow Fitting, 8mm x 1/4
48-TC-530-9116 Mounting Brackett
49-TC-530-9121 T-Fitting, 8mm x 1/4
50-TC-530-9125 Bolt, M5 x 16
51-TC-530-9120 Lock Washer, #5
52-TC-530-9273 Flat Washer, #5
53-TC-530-9271 Flat Washer, #6
54-TC-530-9119 Lock Washer, #6
55-TC-530-9101 Bolt, M6 x 16
56-TC-530-9149 Screw, M5 x 16
57-TC-530-9148 Flat Washer, #5
58-TC-950-225 Tower
59-TC-950-232 Bolt, M12 x 75
60-TC-950-228 Bolt, M12 x 45
61-TC-530-9081 Flat Washer, #12
62-TC-530-9109 Straight Fitting, 12mm x 3/8
63-TC-530-9080 Lock Washer, #12
64-TC-950-212 Spring (short)
65-TC-950-221 Swing Arm
66-TC-950-210 Locking Handle
67-TC-950-213 Locking Plate
68-TC-950-208 Dismount Shaft
69-TC-950-215 Flat Washer, #10
70-TC-950-214 Locknut, M10
71-TC-950-216 Nut, M10
72-TC-950-217 Bolt, M10 x 70
73-TC-950-211 Snap Ring
74-TC-950-209 Handle Cover
75-TC-530-9070 Cap
76-TC-530-9071 Bolt, M10 x 30
78-TC-530-9052 Duckhead
78.1-TC-530-9926 Nylon Duckhead - Full Assembly
78.2-TC-530-9927 Nylon Duckhead - Refill
79-TC-530-9057 Set Screw, M10 x 12
80-TC-530-9246 Set Screw, M10 x 16
81-TC-530-9058 Rubber Washer
82-TC-530-9056 Flat Washer, #10
84-TC-530-9055 Bolt, M10 x 25
85-TC-950-251 Swing Arm Cover
86-TC-950-218 Spring (Long)
87-TC-530-9054 Roller Screw
88-TC-530-9053 Roller
89-TC-530-9919 Duckhead Protector w/roller & screw (Front) Conversion
91-TC-950-223 Flat Washer, #25
92-TC-950-224 Swing Arm Pim
93-TC-950-226 Flat Washer, #16
94-TC-950-227 Locknut, M16
95-TC-530-9072 Adjustment Handle
96-TC-530-9098 Bolt, M6 x 10
90-TC-530-9922 Duckhead Protector (Rear)
97-TC-530-9916 Pressure Gauge Assembly
98-TC-530-9097 Gauge Cover
77-TC-530-9108 Lock Washer, #10
99-TC-530-9100 Straight Fitting, 8mm x 1/8
100-TC-530-9089 Bleeder Valve
101-TC-530-9083 Straight Fitting, 8mm x 1/4
102-TC-530-9084 Inflation Hose
103-TC-530-9087 Relief Valve
104-TC-530-9091 Pressure Gauge
105-TC-530-9095 Coupler
106-TC-530-9096 Elbow Fitting, 8mm x 1/8
108-TC-530-9333F Hose, 8mm (price is per foot; there are 3 8mm hoses on this machine)
109-TC-530-9333F Hose, 8mm (price is per foot; there are 3 8mm hoses on this machine)
110-TC-530-9090 Screw, M4 x 12
111-TC-530-9094 Nut, M4
112-TC-530-9917 Transmission Assembly
113-TC-530-9301 Transmission Shaft
114-TC-530-9305 Upper Housing
115-TC-530-9304 Drive Gear
116-TC-530-9310 Dust Cover
117-TC-530-9312 Worm Gear
118-TC-530-9316 Drive Pulley
119-TC-530-9296 Lower Housing
120-TC-530-9310 Dust Cover
121-TC-530-9300 Bearing, 6208
122-TC-530-9303 Bearing, 6010
123-TC-530-9323 Snap Ring, #50
124-TC-530-9302 Shear Key
125-TC-530-9311 Bearing
126-TC-530-9313 Shear Key
127-TC-530-9318 Flat Washer, #8
128-TC-530-9317 Bolt, M8 x 20
129-TC-530-9329 Pin
130-TC-530-9306 Bolt, M8 x 35
131-TC-530-9335 Spacer
132-TC-530.9297 Nut, M8
133-TC-530-9302 Shear Key
134-TC-530-9299 Flat Washer, #10
135-TC-530-9298 Nut, M10
136-TC-530-9328 Capacitor
137-TC-530-9327-631 Motor
138-TC-530-9324 Motor Mount Bushing
139-TC-530-9321 Motor Mount
140-TC-530-9320 Counter Pulley
141-TC-530-9299 Flat Washer, #10
142-TC-530-9296 Nut, M10
143-TC-530-9322 Bolt, M10 x 50
144-TC-530-9307 Flat Washer, #10
145-TC-530-9912 Set Screw, M5 x 16
146-TC-530-9911 Nut, M5
147-TC-530-9325 Shear Key
146-TC-530-9319 Belt
149-TC-950-004A Turntable Assembly
150-TC-950-401 Turntable
151-TC-530-9044 Clamp
152-TC-950-409 Slide Guide
153-TC-950-414 Connecting Rod
154-TC-950-444 Clamp Inclination Plate
155-TC-950-416 Turntable Cylinder Assembly
156-TC-950-424 Cylinder Rod
157-TC-950-420 Cylinder Body
158-TC-950-421 Cylinder Cap Bolt
159-TC-950-422 Cylinder Cap, (Rod End)
161-TC-950-419 Cylinder Cap, (Mount End)
162-TC-950-9915 Turntable Cylinder Seal Kit

Bead Breaker Seal Kit

(Includes Item #'s 168, 169, 165, 171) ** Does not include Piston #166

164-TC-950-427 Banjo Elbow Fitting
165-TC-950-425 Banjo T-Fitting
166-TC-530-9343 Rim Clamp Protector
169-TC-530-9022 Locknut, M8
170-TC-950-416.6 Snap Ring
171-TC-950-418 Cylinder Mount
172-TC-530-9012 Spacer
173-TC-950-406 Clamp Mount
174-TC-530-9007 Coiled Hose, 10mm (price is per coil; there are 4 coils on this machine)
175-TC-530-9006 Straight Fitting, 10mm x 1/8
176-TC-530-9002 Washer
177-TC-530-9009 Flat Washer, #12
178-TC-530-9001 Bolt, M12 x 25
179-TC-530-9016 Snap Ring, #12
180-TC-530-9010 Lock Washer, #12
181-TC-530-9015 Snap Ring, #65
182-TC-530-9014 Bolt, M12 x 85
183-TC-530-9011 Bolt, M12 x 30
184-TC-950-9917 Spider Valve
186-TC-530-9037 Straight Fitting, 12mm x 3/8
187-TC-530-9100 Straight Fitting, 8mm x 1/8
189-TC-530-9032 Elbow Fitting, 10mm x 1/4
190-TC-530-9100 Straight Fitting, 8mm x 1/8
191-TC-530-9029 Straight Fitting, 10mm x 1/4
192-TC-530-9035 O-Ring, 90 x 2.65
193-TC-530-9034 O-Ring, 60 x
194-TC-530-9349 Set Screw
195-TC-530-9263 Bead Breaker Cylinder Assembly - complete
196-TC-530-9337 Cylinder Rod
197-TC-530-9260 Elbow Fitting, 8mm x 1/4
198-TC-530-9251 Wiper
199-TC-530-9261 Cylinder Gland
200-TC-530-9236 Bushing
201-TC-530-9117 U-Cup
202-TC-530-9252 Piston (is not part of Group "A" - see below)
203-TC-530-9237 Cylinder Barrel
204-TC-530-9341 Abrasive Ring
205-TC-530-9341.1 Piston Ring
206-TC-530-9262 Elbow Fitting, 8mm x 1/8
207-TC-530-9118 O-Ring
208-TC-530-9247 Nut, M18
209-TC-530-9248 Nut, M6
210-TC-530-9257 Flat Washer, #6
211-TC-530-9239 Bolt, M6 x 30
212-TC-530-9259 Snap Ring, #30
213-TC-530-9258 Shoulder Bolt
214-TC-530-9254 Nut, M14
215-TC-530-9326 Cap
216-TC-530-9233 Locknut, M18
217-TC-530-9295 Bead Blaster Pedal Assembly
218-TC-530-9288 Primary Pedal (Blaster Pedal)
219-TC-530-9285 Mount Plate
220-TC-530-9287 Spring
221-TC-530-9274 2 Hole Valve Body
222-TC-530-9268 Fixed Plate
223-TC-530-9205 Distance Ring
224-TC-530-9272 Main Assembly Bolt
225-TC-530-9266 Spring
226-TC-530-9265 Moving Plate
227-TC-530-9281 Spool
228-TC-530-9292 Regulator
229-TC-530-9277 Straight Fitting, 8mm x 1/8
230-TC-530-9291 Coupler
231-TC-530-9289 Clevis
232-TC-530-9284 Shaft
233-TC-530-9206 O-Ring, 9 x 4
234-TC-530-9293 Straight Fitting, 8mm x 1/4
235-TC-530-9294 Locknut, M6
236-TC-530-9276 Bolt, M5 x 25
237-TC-530-9273 Flat Washer, #5
238-TC-530-9275 Lock Washer, #5
239-TC-530-9267 Nut, M5
240-TC-530-9022 Locknut, M8
241-TC-530-9283 Snap Ring, #12
242-TC-530-9286 Bolt, M6 x 30
243-TC-530-9269 Nut, M6
44-TC-530-9278 Plug
245-TC-530-9264 Bolt, M5 x 30
246-TC-530-9056 Flat Washer, #10
247-TC-530-9282 Roll Pin
248-TC-530-9317 Bolt, M8 x 20
249-TC-530-9249 Flat Washer, #8
250-TC-530-9270 Lock Washer, #8
251-TC-530-9297 Nut, M8
253-TC-530-9309 Bolt, M10 x 160
254-TC-530-9308 Bolt, M10 x 200
255-TC-950-9912 Pedal Assembly
256-TC-950-319 Spring
258-TC-950-316 Pedal Bracket
259-TC-950-334 2 Hole Air Valve Bead Breaker Complete
260-TC-530-9274 2 Hole Valve Body (shell only, no guts)
261-TC-530-9204 Silencer
262-TC-530-9245 Straight Fitting, 8mm x 1/8
263-TC-530-9214 T-Fitting, 8mm x 1/8
264-TC-950-340 2 Hole Air Valve Rim Clamps Complete
265-TC-530-9274 2 Hole Valve Body (shell only, no guts)
252-TC-530-9299 Flat Washer, #10
266-TC-530-9204 Silencer
267-TC-530-9245 Straight Fitting, 8mm x 1/8
268-TC-530-9203 Elbow Fitting, 8mm x 1/8
269-TC-530-9333F Hose, 8mm (price is per foot; there are 3 8mm hoses on this machine)
270-TC-530-9178 Linkage Rod
271-TC-950-338 Leaf Fork Spring
272-TC-950-335 Cam Plate
273-TC-530-9190 Cam
274-TC-530-9191 Cam Bracket
275-TC-530-9201 Switch Cover
276-TC-530-9200 Directional Switch
277-TC-950-330 Switch Bracket
278-TC-950-313 Connection Rod Pin
279-TC-660-9345 Spacer
280-TC-950-308 Connection Rod
281-TC-530-9193 Switch Arm
282-TC-950-304 Torsion Spring
283-TC-950-341 Shaft
284-TC-530-9173 Flat Washer, #12
285-TC-660-9367 Pedal
286-TC-950-312 Spring Bracket
287-TC-530-9288 Primary Pedal (Blaster Pedal)
288-TC-660-9346 Spacer
289-TC-950-318 Clevis
290-TC-530-9196 Screw, M3 x 10
291-TC-530-9194 Flat Washer, #3
292-TC-530-9195 Lock Washer, #3
293-TC-530-9184 Flat Washer, #10
294-TC-530-9185 Lock Nut M10
295-TC-950-327 Screw, M5 x 15
296-TC-660-9308 Bolt, M8 x 40
297-TC-530-9142 Flat Washer, #6
298-TC-530-9119 Lock Washer, #6
299-TC-660-9379 Bolt, M6 x 15
300-TC-530-9248 Nut M6
301-TC-950-305 Snap Ring
302-TC-530-9276 Bolt, M5 x 25
303-TC-530-9142 Flat Washer, #6
304-TC-530-9119 Lock Washer, #6
305-TC-530-9248 Nut, M6
306-TC-530-9182 Bolt, M6 x 25
307-TC-660-9380 Screw, M6 x 25
308-TC-530-9192 Self Tapping Screw, S3 x 10
309-TC-530-9286 Bolt, M6 x 30
310-TC-530-9297 Nut, M8
311-TC-530-9110 Bolt, M8 x 55
312-TC-530-9055 Bolt, M10 x 25
313-TC-530-9348 Clamping Ring
314-TC-530-9142 Flat Washer, #6
315-TC-530-9286 Bolt, M6 x 30
316-TC-530-9107 Close Nipple
317-TC-530-9130 Safety Valve Assembly
318-TC-530-9106 T-Fitting  
319-TC-530-9907 Pressure Gauge (Tower)
320-TC-530-9241 Pop Off Valve

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