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Car Rotator / Rotisserie - All Tool Lift All 4000

SKU: JW18125
$1,490.00 $849.00

This All Tool Car Rotator/Rotisserie is Not Only Perfect for Your Frame Restoration Needs It Is The Best Value For Your Dollar! The All Tool Car Rotisserie is, in our opinion, the best Automotive Rotisserie in our line up.  New Mounting Arms, New...

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Fuel Tank Saddle - NORCO 72508

SKU: NORCO 72508
$406.15 $264.00

INTENDED USE: An optional saddle adapter which is used in conjunction with a NORCO transmission jack to remove, install and transport (in the lowered position) automobile and light truck emptied fuel tanks and other undercar components.Weight: 37 lbs...

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Specialty Workbench - DWB-3072-BE-RSR-95

SKU: DWB-3072-BE-RSR-95

Riser is 16H x 13D and includes Louvered Back Panel. (also includes electrical strip with 5 outlets) Model DWB-3072-BE-RSR-95 Weight 305 lbs. / 138 kgs. Drawers Optional#177-DRAWER-95in: 14-5/16 x 19-13/16 x 6-3/16 Shelves Lower Shelf...

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Specialty Workbenches - DWB-3048-177-95

SKU: DWB-3048-177-95

Heavy Duty Workbench with or without Drawer Model DWB-3048-177-95 Weight 228 lbs. / 104 kgs. Drawers #177-DRAWER-95in: 14-5/16 x 19-13/16 x 6-3/16 Shelves Lower Shelf Capacity 500 lbs / 227 kgs Capacity 4000 lbs. / 1814 kgs. Dimensions...

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