HAWEKA, Special ATV Centering Kit

SKU: HW280 400 055

The motorcycle clamping devices developed and produced by HAWEKA and numerous accessories enable static and dynamic balancing of motorcycle wheels. The ProBike clamping device has been continuously...

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HAWEKA, Tire Width Calipers

SKU: HW900 008 005

Wheel caliper, it's easy to measure the width of wheels and rims during balancing. Measurements are heat stamped for best readability. Used with major OEM balancers: Corghi, Coats and CEMB...

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HAWEKA, Wheel Weight Scraper

SKU: HW900e008 089

Wheel Weight Remover Heavy duty construction One piece composite Can be hit with a hammer Resharpen when needed Removes wheel weights, emblems, or body moldings Scrape ...

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