Requirements For A Proper Lift Installation

Posted by Derek on Feb 27th 2018

Posted by Derek on November 16, 2017


was designed and built with safety in mind. However, safety relies on proper installation and training. Prepare for a successful installation by making sure your floor meets specific requirements. We would like to emphasize the following requirements for installing 2-Post and 4-Post auto lifts.

Site Selection

Before installing your auto lift, check the following:

  • Lift Location: Always use architect’s plans when available. Check layout dimension against floor plan requirements making sure adequate space is available. Your lift requires a 220v, 30amp, single phase, grounded electrical source. There should be room enough to operate the lift in a safe manner and without restrictions.
  • Overhead Area: The area where the lift will be located should be free of overhead obstructions such as heaters, building supports, electrical lines, doors, lights, etc.
  • Floor Area: Visually inspect the site where the lift is to be installed and check for cracked or defective concrete.
  • Floor Requirements
  • A level floor is suggested for proper installation and level lifting. Small differences in floor slopes may be compensated for by proper shimming. If a floor is of questionable slope, consider a survey of the site and/or the possibility of pouring a new level concrete slab.
  • New concrete must be adequately cured for at least 30 days.
DO NOT install auto lift on any asphalt surface or any surface other than concrete.
DO NOT install auto lift on expansion seams or on cracked or defective concrete.
DO NOT install auto lift on a second/elevated floor without first consulting building architect.
DO NOT install auto lift outdoors unless special consideration has been made to protect the power unit from inclement weather conditions.

Ceiling Clearance

A good rule of thumb is to have at least an extra 2 foot clearance from the lift post to the ceiling, So if your lift is 12 foot tall the ceiling should be 14 foot tall etc.

Concrete Specifications

All models MUST be installed on 3,000 PSI reinforced concrete only. Additional concrete requirements will vary by lift.

8,500 lbs – 10,000 lbs lifts: 4″ Minimum Thickness
11,000 lbs – 15,000 lbs lifts: 6″ Minimum Thickness