Auto A/C

Broken Schrader Remover Accessory-YJ-18979

SKU: YJ-18979

1/4" 4-in-1 BALL VALVE TOOL  ( FOR VACUUM, CHARGE, CORES, WITHOUT LOSING CHARGE)   # 18979 BROKEN SCHRADER REMOVER ACCESSORY ( FOR USE ON 18975, 18900, & 19000)   Remove and Replace cores without losing charge.   Extra 1/4"...

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BRUTE II ™ 4-Valve 72"-YJ-46101

SKU: YJ-46101

The BRUTE II™ 4-Valve Test and Charging Manifold provides the flow that’s proven faster than any conventional manifold. .   The aluminum alloy is forged for strength and reliability with 3/8″ bores through the body to speed the job...

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Disposable 1 oz. (30 ml) injector single-YJ-69727

SKU: YJ-69727

Universal disposable 1 oz. applicator for fast economical dispensing. Universal dye for all common refrigerants and oils.• Less costly and faster than many other methods # 69727 1oz. (30ml) INJECTOR / SINGLE 4- 1/4oz. APPLICATIONS FOR AUTO A/C.   ...

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