Auto A/C

BRUTE II ™ 4-Valve 72"-YJ-46101

SKU: YJ-46101

The BRUTE II™ 4-Valve Test and Charging Manifold provides the flow that’s proven faster than any conventional manifold. .   The aluminum alloy is forged for strength and reliability with 3/8″ bores through the body to speed the job...

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Recharge Oil Pump-YJ-77950

SKU: YJ-77950

RECHARGEABLE OIL PUMP # 77950 OIL RECHARGE PUMP, BOTTLE, HOSE & SERVICE COUPLER   Oil recharge pump for replacing oil in auto A/C Systems or into compressors after oil removal. Easily works on all system pressures to 300 PSI, .35oz. per stroke...

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Refrigerant Identifier YJ-68945

SKU: YJ-68945

Dispersive infrared technology quickly determines the weight concentrations of R-12, R-134a, hydrocarbons and air FEATURES Analytical software identifies all EPA SNAP approved blends, as well as illegal replacements and blends including propane and...

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Replacement sensor for 69075-YJ-69073

SKU: YJ-69073

REPLACEMENT SENSOR FOR YJ-69075   THERMOCOUPLE SENSOR FEATURES: No adjustments or warm-up. Stays calibrated after on/off switching and long evacuations Automatic ambient temperature compensation Replacement sensor requires NO calibration

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