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Western All Tool has a reason for everything we do! Our goal is to provide you with the best equipment at the best price with the best service. PERIOD! And has been since our inception in 1988.

We are NOT an Internet sales company that just wants to sell you a product for profit and walk away. We offer many pre-sale services to best determining exactly what your needs are prior to purchase. For buyers in the greater Phoenix area we offer FREE site inspections to determine the best lift and location to meet your needs.

Here at Western All Tool we would rather miss out on the sale then sell you a piece of equipment that does not meet your specifications or worse yet, puts you and your employees in danger. That is why we sell over 50 models of above ground lifts

When we sell a lift to a hobbyist, we clearly label that lift for “hobbyist use only.” We will not sell a light duty lift to a professional shop, unlike some of our competitors. We care about your safety and the durability of a light duty lift does not meet the demands of a professional shop. However, if you are working on your Corvette on the weekend there is no reason one of these money saving lifts won't work well for you.

The same is true for our air compressors. Matching the correct air compressor to your needs insures you won’t be buying another one in a few short months. The formula we utilize is 6 CFM per bay for auto mechanic work and 12 CFM per bay for bodywork. Let us help you match up the right compressor for your shop.

Western All Tool also sells RAV Alignment equipment. We made the move to RAV from Hunter Alignment in 2008. We are convinced that RAV American Aligner is a far superior product with many advantages, including simplicity of use, speed of set up time (less than 3 minutes), free lifetime technical support, ease of calibration, and accuracy. Let us bring a machine to you with a free onsite demo to prove everything we say about this fabulous aligner.

Every product line Western All Tool sells is a proven winner. We will provide you with the best equipment at the bestprice with the best service. Let us prove it to you! Give us a call!